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Say Good Riddance To Bad Scents In Your Car With Xynargy Car Essential Oil Diffuser!

Whether you’re looking for a car diffuser to eliminate bad scents in your car or just to spread a refreshing fragrance on the road, Xynargy car diffuser has you covered.

Our diffuser for cars does not rely on water. It uses essential oil capsules that can be plugged into diffuser utilizing ultrasonic technology to simply and efficiently spread soothing fragrances around your car without needing to refill it with water.

This car diffuser is made with motion detection technology to transform your everyday drives into a comforting experience without any of the hassles. From road trips to everyday commutes, our air diffuser and essential oils will make sure your journey is enjoyable.

Package Includes:

· 1 x Car Diffuser

· 1 x Car Vent Mount

· 1 x USB Charging Cable

· 6 x Essential Oil Capsules

  • Motion Sensing: Thanks to Motion Detection technology, our ultrasonic diffuser will turn on when your car starts moving and spreads the fragrances all around your vehicle, and turn back to standby mode when your car stops.
  • Two Mist Modes: Xynargy portable car diffuser allows you to choose from 2 Intermittent Mist Modes to get just the right fit for your needs. You can run it for 5 seconds with a 5-minute or 10-minute break to keep the air surrounding you fresh and fragrant.
  • USB Rechargable: The built-in 450mAH lithium battery provides up to 50 hours of use on the lowest intensity mode. It’s compact and can be recharged through any USB power outlet so you can take it with you anywhere you go.
  • Air Purify, Odor Riddance: Our essential oils are blended with Japanese Persimmon Extract that has air purifying properties to eliminate strong scents from your space making it the perfect addition to your bathroom, kitchen, living room, garage, etc.
  • Plug and Play: No filling the reservoir with water or carefully pouring in oils, this car diffuser does it for you! It comes with 6 capsules filled with sophisticated blends of essential oils that you can simply plug into the device to enjoy their soothing fragrances.
  • Vent Clip: Thanks to the secure vent clip you don’t have to worry about the diffuser coming loose even when the road gets bumpy making it the perfect companion for all your road trips and outdoor adventures.


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