Your Skin Coach

The Personal Trainer For Your Skin

You may always wondering what is right for you when it comes to skin care. At Xynargy, we are there to listen to you, analyse your skin, recommend the best products, and hold your hand throughout the entire process. No more guessing game.

Step 1: Diagnose – Take Selfie Skin Analysis

Our Selfie Skin Analysis APP use deep neural-network AI algorithum to analysis your selfie images and provides you with information about your skin condition using various skin scores, such as redness, wrinkles, acnes, pores, hydration. Then, our formulation engine will recommend you with a set of personalized skincare products that is a right fit for your skin condition.

Step 2: Formulate - Product Recommendation

After knowing your skin condition, our formulation engine will recommend you with a set of personalized skincare products with active boosters that is a right fit for your skin.

Step 3: Evaluate – Reformulate new treatment

Take a monthly evaluation after using the products, we will reformulate for better result, as your skin improves, our product and treatment approach will continue to evolve

NannotiV bio-lipid polymer nanoencapsulation technology

10x Deeper Penetration
Selection of different molecular weights from large to nano particles to allow permeation to its proposed depth to perform action. Left images showed the actives only penetrate to the epidermis layer. Right images showed the nano encapsulated actives can penetrate much deeper into dermis layer.
5x Prolonged Release of actives
Controlled release of boosters by specific triggers including water, temperature, enzyme, pH variation and Friction. This prolong the effect of boosters and enhance its efficacy virtually eliminate the risk of skin irritation skin.

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Heidi 50: After laser therapy 10 years ago, I suffered from post-inflammation hyperpigmentation and since then even make up cannot cover those pigments. After use the Dark Spot Remover for 3 months, these pigments 70% lighter, and I am so grateful.


Mr. Chan 60: I have this brown spot on my left face for many years, and never thought it can fade away. My daughter gave me this dark spot remover and I have been using it every day, and I can see it has gradually turned into a very light pink spot, and is less noticeable.


Eason 18: I just turned 18 and this sudden outburst of acne freak me out. My friend introduced this product, and I went ahead and got it. A month later after using this every night, the white heads and pimpleser are basically non existent, and I am getting so many compliments that my skin is looking radiant
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